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I know you, you know me.
Here’s a little more about me.

Born and raised in Newfoundland, I grew up in a very close-knit family, who have always kept me grounded – mostly with a lot of good-natured teasing. My Mom’s love and support has given me a solid foundation that I’ve carried into my career. I also learned a lot about life from my Grandmother and her wisdom and humour stays with me to this day – you’ll probably hear me quote her often.

Since becoming a sales rep for Bell Media, I have been voted #1 and #2 in Canada several times and I think this is because I have a different attitude. I genuinely care about my clients and it’s important for me to really get to know them.

Whether working for a huge corporation or a small mom and pop, I use all the tools at my disposal to get the best results. I love to use the best and newest technology, but my one-on-one personal relationships with my clients really make the difference.

Please contact me with your questions and needs and we can sit down over coffee and plan your next great campaign.

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