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I do things a little differently.

My name is Sharon Modlin & I am a
Senior Account Manager for Bell Media in Calgary.

If you don’t already know me, you might think that I just sell radio ads. But my clients know that what I really sell are creative and personalized marketing solutions that spread your message and help grow your business.

It doesn’t matter what size your company is – a two-person corner shop or a two-thousand person corporation – I take the same approach to helping you reach your customers in the best, most effective and most innovative way. And it’s not all about numbers – it’s about building real relationships and looking out for the people I serve.

I’ve been voted #1 and #2 sales representative in Canada more than once, but I was raised never to boast about myself. Both my Mom and my Grandmother always told me that if I was good at something and worked hard to serve others, people would do all the bragging I’d ever need for me. They both had a lot of common sense my Mother and my Grandmother – but what do you expect, we’re Newfoundlanders.

So once you know me a bit better, please contact me anytime with all your questions and advertising needs. I would love to help.

Feel free to view my LinkedIn profile as well as say hi on Twitter!

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